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  • Wed
    1:45 amGrand Ballroom West

    Watch: How Nordstrom Utilizes Human Intelligence to Blend Brick-and-Mortar with Online Commerce

    This talk is for people with large and varied data who are interested in novel applications of data analytics, machine learning, and visualization to influence stakeholders and put the power of data to work for their businesses. We’ll walk through three case studies where we have delivered insights and/or products that blend data and experiences from physical and online commerce:

    • A recommender system powered by the collective fashion expertise of our personal stylists
    • Engaging, interactive visualizations powered by d3.js
    • Clothing color trend visualizer

    In the process we’ll discuss the challenges, tools, and techniques we employed along the way. We’ll also cover how the development of rapid prototype user interfaces have proven a powerful tool for conveying insights to and gaining support from business stakeholders. Some of the technologies that will be discussed include: R, Python, Ruby, d3.js, and Node.js.